Orders & Returns


GUESS reserves the right to consider the confirmation of return. If the returns do not follow the agreements and conditions as above, the company can cancel the returns.

This policy can only apply on online shopping via www.guess.co.th. The company does not accept the return from GUESS stores or GUESS counters in department stores.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service (LIVE CHAT) on Monday- Sunday 09:00-23:00 or E-mail: admin@guessthailand.com

Please identify your order numbers, address, E-mail, and contact number for fast process.

Return & Exchange & Refund policy

GUESS has the policy to accept products within 14 days after receiving products according to these issues

1. The products have been damaged during the delivery process
2. The products do not match with the orders ie. wrong color or size
3. GUESS reserves the right not to accept a return due to personal reasons
4. If the product is out of stock, the company will start the refunding process immediately. The refund payment normally takes 7-14 business days after the date that the products have arrived the warehouse and have been checked.
5. Customer service team will verify the item and reserve the rights of replacement/refund according to the company policy
6. Credit card - If you wish to return a product that has been purchased using a credit card. The card-issuing bank will refund the balance onto your card that you used to make the purchase. The lead time of refund depends on the billing cycle of the card-issuing bank. Please contact your bank for any further questions regarding to your refund. GUESS cannot contact the card-issuing bank on your behalf due to the privacy policy and violations of law.
7. Atome - If you wish to return or discontinue Merchant Services that have been purchased using the Deferred Payment Structure and/or request for a refund, return, or replacement as may otherwise be accepted or permitted by law, such refund, return or replacement shall be subject to (i) the relevant Merchant’s refund process and procedures; and (ii) our own checks in relation to the refunds, returns and replacements. Until the return, discontinuation, or refund has been processed through the Platform, you will remain liable for the full payment of the Merchant Services. All Deferred Payments will continue to be processed in accordance with the dates set out in your Payment Schedule.

Step 1: Identify Product Issues

If you encounter any problems after receiving your order and willing to change/return the product, please contact GUESS (LIVE CHAT) on Monday- Sunday 09:00-23:00 or E-mail: admin@guess.co.th within 14 days after receiving products

Step 2 : Receive Confirmation Call

1. Staff will verify the order and contact you back to confirm that you are requesting to change/return your order
2. In the case of mismatch between the orders and the products, the products have to be resent with the good condition, unused, unwashed with product tags
3. Guess will check the products that will be changed. If the products are under the standard, GUESS reserves the right to cancel the return
4. If the product that Guess will send back is out of stock, the company will refund within 7-14 business days after the day that the products have arrived the warehouse and have been checked

Step 3: Return The Products Via Post Office

1. When sending, please attach the receipts with the products (the products must be unused and unwashed with product tags). The products will be verified by GUESS staff
2. The agent will contact you within a few days to confirm the status of the return
3. If GUESS verifies that the products are not match with the conditions, the company will send the products back to customer
4. The products will be sent back via post within 7-10 business days